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Reliable Industrial Track Inspections for Privately Owned Track Assets

Keep your tracks compliant and safe with baseline and routine inspections, helping you avoid any accidents, fines or operational interruptions.

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At Summit Infrastructure, we’re proud to provide reliable industrial track inspection services to private track owners at the frequency required to maintain regulatory compliance and safety.

In the rail industry, track inspections are essential to ensure that poor track conditions or rail defects don’t derail trains, putting people and critical infrastructure at risk. According to Transport Canada’s track safety rules, track inspections are required by law on a regular basis depending on the annual tonnage that passes through your tracks and before use for inactive tracks.

Unlike other companies that offer track maintenance and repair services, our work ends at the inspection so you can trust that we have no vested interest in recommending repairs or maintenance that you do not need.

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Track Inspection Services

Our Industrial Track Inspection Services

We provide all of the services you need to ensure that your train tracks are compliant with regulations.

Baseline Track Inspection

Our experienced track inspectors will assess the condition of your track components including the rail ties, rail joints, ballast, and switches as well as the track gauge, drainage, vegetation growth, signage, and more to ensure that your track meets the baseline requirements.

Routine Track Inspection

Inspecting track on a regular basis is required by law for active track assets. A qualified track inspector will provide routine track inspections to look for both external and internal defects, ensuring that your track remains above standards and continues to work correctly.

Add-On Services

We are also proud to offer additional services that can take your track inspections to the next level.

Automated Inspections by Drone Imaging

Through the use of drone surveys, high-resolution imaging technology and machine learning software, we can automate the detection and reporting of anomalies in your rail infrastructure. Our autonomous inspection systems can provide critical insights significantly faster than traditional inspection methods.

Long-Term Track Monitoring

In addition to inspections, we can also provide track monitoring on a long-term basis to monitor your track geometry remotely with the use of advanced rail inspection sensors. The sensors provide 24/7 data collection and automated alerts for threshold breaches.

BENEFITS OF Industrial Track Inspection

Experience the Benefits of Industrial Track Inspection

There are a number of reasons why industrial
track inspections are important.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Finding track defects before they become a problem is the best way to avoid costly repairs down the line. We’ll help you identify any issues early so that you can improve track maintenance now and save money later.

Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Track inspections are necessary to ensure your tracks are in accordance with Transport Canada track safety rules. We will help you meet your inspection and inspection record requirements.

Improve On-Site Safety

Regular track inspections are the best way to ensure track and rolling stock safety. Our track inspectors will thoroughly assess your track condition for any issues that could result in safety risks.


Why Choose Summit Infrastructure?

Summit Infrastructure is a completely objective and neutral partner you can trust to provide reliable track inspections. Unlike other companies that offer both inspections and repairs, we have nothing to gain when we suggest remedial action for your track assets. Additionally, all of the inspectors at Summit Infrastructure are track inspection certified.

Track Inspection Provider

Serving Sites Across Alberta, BC, & Saskatchewan

We are pleased to provide our track inspection services to private track owners throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.
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Frequently Asked Questions

All tracks must be inspected monthly with an interval of at least 20 calendar days between inspections, or before use, if the track is used less than once a month.
Depending on the size of your facility, it can take a few hours to a full day to complete a track inspection. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate.
We provide a transparent fixed price based on the facility size and location. No hidden extras or surcharges. Please contact us for a fixed price proposal.

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