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About Us

About Summit Infrastructure

Summit Infrastructure was founded with the goal of bringing innovative ideas and technologies from around the world to the Canadian railway industry to elevate rail operations across the country.

In Canada, the rail infrastructure market is often limited by traditional products and railroad track monitoring processes that can be costly, hazardous or unsustainable. At Summit Infrastructure, we offer a range of products and services to address the greatest challenges of transit agencies, railway companies, and construction contractors while improving:


Solving Complex Challenges for Railway Operators & Construction Contractors

More Advanced Technology

We are leading the industry in leveraging advanced railway technologies from across the world to offer our innovative services and products to Canadian railway operators and construction contractors.

“Boots off Ballast”

Our solutions get people off rail infrastructure in order to ensure maximum safety and significantly reduce the labour costs associated with traditional rail track monitoring, surveying, and inspections.

Faster Access to Collected Data

We provide near real-time monitoring solutions so you can access data quickly and rectify any rail defects efficiently to maintain high safety standards.

Our Clients

We work with rail operators and construction companies across the country


A Trusted Partner for Railway Sites Throughout Canada

Summit Infrastructure has worked with many different rail and construction organizations across the country and we feel confident that we can make a lasting impact on your railway infrastructure.


Unique Solutions for
The Railway Industry

Through our unique breadth of services, Summit Infrastructure empowers organizations in the construction or rail industry to leverage real-time data to improve the safety and efficiency of railroad operations.
Senceive wireless rail monitoring

Rail Monitoring

Our rail track monitoring system consists of sensors that provide near real-time data on the movement of railroad tracks with early warning alerts for threshold breaches. This solution is key for managing tracks in hazardous zones such as geologically unstable areas or construction zones with adjacent excavation.

Overhead rail contact system

OCS Rail Monitoring

OCS rail monitoring provides valuable information on overhead lines, including train speed, the force on the wires, the height of the line, and stagger. The non-intrusive, low maintenance system can be easily installed and ready to operate every time your trains run on the line.

Rail worker surveying railway track

Railway Track Surveys

Surveys of track geometry ensure that both new and existing tracks are maintaining the operational specifications and construction design. We can conduct track surveys, laser-sweep surveys, culvert surveys, and more.


Innovative Railway Products

Our cutting-edge products are focused on improving the safety and sustainability of railway operations.
Lateral resistance plate on rail tie

Lateral Resistance Plates

Rail tie lateral resistance plates are fitted to improve track stability and are suitable for both LRT and heavy rail applications.

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TrackWork hollow rail tie

Hollow Rail Ties

Hollow rail ties provide a safe and secure method of cross-tracking a range of railway cables.

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Train in a snowy train station


A low corrosivity de-icing product formulated specifically for the railway that is significantly less harmful to the environment and infrastructure than rock salt.

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Train with snow on rail


We Partner With Some of The Railway Industry’s Best

Summit Infrastructure is proud to partner with the following railway innovation leaders to bring our unique products and services to our customers.
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